The Panama Financial Services Corporation

This is a anonymous S.A. Bearer Share Panama Corporation that is additionally licensed by the Panama Government as a financial services corporation. The license is in the name of the Corporation and your name does not appear on the license so privacy is preserved. This license allows the corporation to engage in certain financial activities in Panama. The license does not allow the entity to act as a bank, for this a bank license is required. Banks provide checking accounts, take deposits directly, make loans personal and otherwise, write mortgages etc. You can have another corporate entity contract with your Panama Financial Services Company to engage in activities in Panama that your other corporation may not be allowed to engage in due to it´s domicile jurisdiction and lack of such a license there. This can all be done via e-commerce. Remember offshore derived income is tax free in Panama.

1. General Financial Consulting - In some jurisdictions this is hard to get.

2. Third Party Payment Processing (Online included). This is the provision that is used to allow one to operate a Swedish Credit Union in Panama through a Panama Bank.

3. Factoring - This allows one to operate a factoring company factoring receivables.

4. Leasing - This allows one to do full service leasing.

5. Trading of Gold, Silver and Platinum (they consider this as a buy/sell transaction). If it is wholesale it is Type A License, if it is retail is a Type B License. In this type of Retail License the Directors of the corporation have to be Panamanians and we do provide this and is included in the price. This allows one to be say an E-Gold or E-Bullion merchant.

6. Trading of Foreign Currency. (The first 5 days of each month this type of business must submit a declaration with client data for all transactions over $10,000 to the Financial Analysis Unit in Panama as part of their anti-money laundering program). This would allow one to operate as a money changer service.

7. Debit and Credit Card Management - This allows one to operate a service for third party ATM and Debit cards, processing payments to the cards etc.


1. Financial Administration Services

2. Debt Collection - you would not be a collection agency.

3. Receive deposits from third party - you are not a bank.

The corporation which holds the license can engage in the above listed authorized activities. In addition the corporation can also engage in any other lawful activity that corporations in general can engage in, it is not restricted to the above activities only.

This is NOT a financial institution per se such as a Bank or Savings and Loan. Such a licensed corporation could be used for payment processing in Tax Free Panama, for a licensed lawful financial entity in another country where there are taxes such as a Swedish Credit Union. You would also be able to hold the funds in a Panama Bank account with all the protections of Panama Bank Secrecy.

A Panama Corporation with such a license, can demonstrate to a Panama Bank or other financial institution that the company is lawfully authorized to manage third party funds inside the corporation bank account or an account it has with another financial institution. If you get challenged by a bank regarding having third party funds in your account this license should prove most helpful since you are lawfully allowed to do so, it is of course going to depend on the individual circumstances and jurisdictions involved.