NCO Financial Collection Agency

NCO may be the most humane collection agency in existence. They stand out because they intentionally take a different approach to the collection process. They actually try to deliver a responsible message to recently-delinquent accounts instead of simply purchasing charge off accounts and then harassing the debtors into early graves.

Many other, almost all, other collection agencies take the "vulture" approach. They harass poor folks who are going through hard times and are just trying to stay afloat financially. They employ debt-collecting methods that are not only unethical; they are downright disrespectful.

On the other side of the coin, NCO may just be different. Of course, they still are going to be diligently after debtors to pay up, but maybe in a more civil manner. They certainly claim to be concerned about the well-being of their targeted debtors. Still, they, like any profit-generating business, are most probably far more concerned with the overall contentment of their clientele. There's nothing incorrect about that. A business is created to generate profit and the more the better.

NCO serves the following industries:

- Utilities;
- Retail;
- Financial Services;
- Technology;
- Telecommunications;
- Education;
- Government;
- Commercial/B2B;
- Insurance;
- Cable;
- Healthcare;
- Transportation;
- and any other interested.

Of course, NCO is not that much different from the average collection agency; they just disguise them much more effectively. NCO is a multi award-winning corporation that has earned the privilege to call themselves an industry leader. They consistently outperform many similarly-based organizations, yet do so in apparently respectful style.

Unlike many other collection agencies, NCO is international. They have headquarters in 9 different countries. They maintain over 140 locations and over 30,000 employees. They are simply the largest organization of their type on the planet and their stellar reputation for effective practice and excellent customer service are the primary catalyst for this.

NCO goes on and on concerning their stellar performance standards and it is all probably well-founded. But for the average American consumer with debt problems, NCO can still prove to be a common nightmare. As with all collection agencies, NCO has a great amount of negative consumer reviews and both active and pending lawsuits. However, considering the sheer volume of their business, they apparently offend consumers far less often than their vulture-based competition.

Contact Information for NCO:

United States NCO Financial Systems, Inc. 507 Prudential Road Horsham, PA 19044 (800) 220-2274 (215) 441-3000 (800) 550-9619 - Consumer Hotline (866) 269-8669 - Consumer Hotline Fax

Canada NCO Financial Services Inc. 75 Port Royal East, Suite 240 Montreal, Quebec H3L 3T1 General Inquiries: (514) 385-4444

Sales: (905) 819-4270

United Kingdom

NCO Europe Ltd. Old Docks House Watery Lane Preston, England PR2 1AU 01772 765000